About us

False Creek Rowing Club (FCRC) is a volunteer-run recreational rowing club located in Vanier Park on False Creek, right in beautiful downtown Vancouver. False Creek allows for up to 3 kilometers of rowing (one way!) and is easily accessible for anyone living near or around Vancouver. We offer lessons for beginners in the Spring and Summer, and year-round rowing for our members. If you are an experienced rower and want to drop in for a row to try us out, please contact us! FCRC is a small club that works hard to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for folks to come row and create community. In fact, our code of conduct reads as follows: 

Be Safe – Be Welcoming – Be Respectful

We are proud of the people who are part of our family: they range from participants in our Community Rowing programs (which is supported by Rowing BC and Rowing Canada Aviron) to people like Andrea Proske who represented Canada at the Tokyo Olympics in Canada’s Womens 8+ and our club at the 2021 Henley Royal Regatta and Tricia Smith, who is a member of the International Olympic Committee and a President of the Canadian Olympic Committee. Not everyone is fast, but we do ask that all those who are part of our community support the values in our code of conduct.

Meet the board

We rely heavily on our board of volunteers to keep the club running. Without the efforts of every board member, the club would not be able to exist. We elect new members in June each year, and are always looking to grow the team. Each board member has a specific role at the club, so you know who to reach out to if you have specific questions/issues.

  • Simon Litherland – President – Simon is a certified coach, licensed level 4 umpire, Henley Steward and is the heart of the club, having been around since the first email long before we incorporated. He also currently writes the newsletter (usually late at night) and organizes the Regatta, although we would love an additional board member to take on this seasonal role.
  • Audrey Tsai – Captain – Audrey brings a wealth of knowledge from Thunder Rowing and coaching with us for many years. An engineer by training, and living in a practical world where she has been developing our programs with the help of our coaches, we are very fortunate to have her as part of our club.
  • Lauren Isbister – Secretary – Lauren has a long history with the club starting off some of our very first Learn-to-Row lessons. She is currently keeping us up to date as the Secretary.
  • Wenqi Zhang – Treasurer – Wenqi has recently joined the board as Treasurer. In training to become a Certified Financial Analyst, she has brought focus and improved oversight to our financial management.
  • Kathleen Duddy – Member at large (Membership) – Kathleen is the person to talk to if you have a membership issue. She is also the organizer of our extra-curricular activities at some local watering holes.
  • Don Marshall – Member at large (Safe sports) – In addition to being our engine expert, Don is responsible for ensuring the club is a safe and welcoming environment for all participants.
  • Cal Oliver – Member at large (Community rowing) – they/them – Cal is responsible for collaborating with Rowing BC to bring low cost rowing programs to those who would not normally find rowing an accessible sport. They are also our Complaints Officer.
  • Sam Roberts – Member at large (Communications) – she/her: Sam joined in 2021 and initially worked to transform our coaching program and orientation. She now currently focuses on our communications and website.
  • Nina Thomson- Member at large she/her: Nina joined the board in 2022 and helps out with grant writing applications and supporting community programming.