False Creek Member Bulletin – May 11

From all the coaches at False Creek, we hope you are enjoying the start of the summer season. Here are a couple of updates as to what is coming up at the club. We will be sending these out regularly over the summer.

Grow Rowing Programs

Community Rowing is back at False Creek! We are running sessions with Big Brothers/Big Sisters and the Canucks Autism Network on Saturdays and Sundays following the member rows. Our CAN sessions need some help (1 member each session) so if you are interested in helping please fill out the attached form. https://forms.gle/V7Mr1jLmfH5qgMfS7

Optional Workouts during Member Rows

Member rows will have an optional workout starting immediately. These workouts are available to anyone and will focus on building technique and getting a good workout in. Workouts are described in the member booking sheet. When you arrive at a member row, please indicate to your coaches if you would like to participate in the workout.

Competitive Rowing Program Sessions

We will begin to have sessions on Thursdays at 7am that are designed for those who want to focus on improving their performance and speed. There will just be one coach for these sessions, so we ask that you check in with the coach before your first competitive session, as we want this to be an opportunity for experienced rowers to push themselves and prepare for competitions. If you’re not ready for these sessions, the coaches will work with you during member rows and let you know when you can join in. If this program proves popular, we will work to expand the competitive rowing opportunities.

12 Hour Rule for Member Sign Up

A reminder that if you want to participate in a member sign-up you must do so at least 12 hours before the row. We decide how many coaches come for the session based on how many members sign up 12 hours before the row. Therefore, coaches will be locking the google sheet at the 12-hour mark.

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