Information for members

On this page you can find information about following:

  1. Intro for new members
  2. Member rows
  3. Independent rows
  4. Equipment

Intro for new members

New members should receive an email with a couple of important links. One is to our Slack channel, which is how we communicate with each other and the coaches. Another is to a google sheet which we use for booking member rows. You will also need to be booked in for an orientation, which usually takes place 30 minutes before your first member row. Contact us if this had not yet been arranged. The orientation will also be a chance to ask any questions you have about FCRC and how member rows work. And make sure that you get your free FCRC bright orange T-shirt!

We ask that all new members read our safety handbook which contains essential information about how we all ensure each others safety at FCRC. We row on a busy waterway in all seasons, so it is crucial to understand our safety procedures.

Athletes should wear a bright top whilst on the water. This improves the ability of other vessels on the water to see us. Upon joining you will receive a free FCRC T-shirt to help our rowers stand out. We also ask that you wear a whistle on each row.

Our member row schedule

Our online schedule is the best place to keep track of current member row times. Throughout the year we have weekend morning member rows, and during the summer months we have evening rows on Monday and Wednesday evenings too. As a member, you are welcome to any of these sessions. In summer we also run a competitive training program one morning a week. You must obtain coach approval before joining this program. See the member row section below for more information on member programming.

Experienced members may also go on independent rows, one a coach has approved this.

Regular maintenance sessions

Throughout summer we will be holding regular maintenance sessions. The coaches will be there to teach us how to maintain the equipment correctly (if you don’t already know), and it will allow us to keep the compound and equipment in good shape. Please try to join at least one of these over summer (but you are welcome to as many as you would like!). As a small volunteer run organization we always welcome assistance from members in a range of roles at the club. If you see something that we could do better, or want to contribute to the club beyond these maintenance days, let a coach know and we will be glad to receive your help!

Newsletter and other updates

Our president, Simon Litherland, sends out a regular newsletter that contains general updates about that club that a wider audience may be interested in. For active members, we also send out a regular news bulletin over summer that lets you know about any upcoming changes to the schedule, maintenance days, social events, new equipment, dryland workouts, and anything else that is useful for members to know. We occasionally host larger community rowing events, and will ask for volunteers to assist on these days though this channel too.

Finding us

The club is located at 1628 Whyte Ave #1608 ( We are the second to last compound as you walk towards the water, and we have a yellow FCRC flag on our fence. We are not the first compound – even though are initials are almost the same as the False Creek Racing Canoe Club! You can also look out for people in orange FCRC T-Shirts.


There is a gravel parking lot across from the Vancouver Archives/Planetarium parking lot, which has an hourly rate that is slightly lower than the parking down in front of the water. If you are cycling, you can store your bike in our compound for the duration of the lesson. The compound will remain locked while we’re on the water. As a precaution, you can also bring your own bike lock and lock bicycles to a chain that is attached to the north side of the compound by the entrance. This is at your own risk.

Member rows

Member rows are booked on the google sheet in the FCRC Members drive. Please book in advance so that coaches can plan the row. Please try to avoid cancelling at the last minute.

If you haven’t already, please complete this form to let us know what you want from member rows in the near future:

Members should meet the coach(es) in the compound at the start of each member row. Coaches will talk to athletes at the start of the session, find out what people want to do, and work with athletes to assign boats. When there are two coach boats on the water, athletes will also be assigned to one of the two coaches. Always stay within sight of the coach boat you have been assigned to. If there are Learn-to-Row graduates, or new members, we ask that you consider rowing a crew boat if asked to by the coaches.

If members are approved for independent rows and have a PFD, they may arrange with the coach in advance to row independently, and are therefore not required to stay close to a coach boat.

Competitive rowing program. 

During summer we aim to have an early morning row once a week that is designed for those who want to focus on improving their performance and speed. This is currently penciled in for Thursdays, but the day is subject to coach availability. There will just be one coach for these sessions, so we ask that you check in with the coach before your first competitive session, as we want this to be an opportunity for experienced rowers to push themselves and prepare for competitions. If you’re not ready for these sessions, the coaches will work with you during member rows and let you know when you can join in. If this program proves popular, we will work to expand the competitive rowing opportunities.

Independent rows

Once approved by a coach, members are able to go out on independent rows. There are two levels to this approval, which dictates the type of boat you can take out:

Level 1: Taking out coastal boats (Liteboat 2x, Pontoon 1x, and Poppy Too)

  • Have attended a minimum of six coached rowing sessions (this does not include LTR)
  • Follows flow pattern without prompts from a coach
  • Able to maneuver and be cognisant of obstacles in highly congested areas like near Cambie Bridge without prompts from a coach
  • Washes equipment to club standard
  • Able to take equipment in and out of compound without coaching prompts and without damaging equipment 
  • Able to access conditions and know when and where it is safe to go out

Level 2: Taking out flatwater shells

  • Meets all requirements of level 1
  • Comfortable in the flatwater shell (ie: will not likely flip in the boat) 
  • Able to self-rescue (ie: Get back into the shell if you have flipped)

*This is just a guideline of what coaches will be using to assess your readiness to go out rowing on your own. It is up to the coaches discretion if you are ready for an independent row. You must check in with a coach before going on your first independent row*

When approved, you must take the following on an independent row:

  • PFD in the boat (Transport Canada approved)
  • Whistle
  • Lights if going early in the morning (You are not permitted at FCRC to row past sunset) 
  • You must have signed out your boat in the independent rows section in the boat booking sheet before going

Please review the safety section of the website before your first row. 


Each time you use equipment:

  • Wash boats and oars with soap and water after each use, to remove all the salt water and sand.
  • If you are using a boat with bearings, lubricate these after each use.
  • If you are using a new Hudson, use a boat cover.
  • Make sure all the flatwater shells are secured to the rack with a strap.

We have the following boats available:

NameTypeWeight classComment
Original Pocock1x flatwater
Vashon1x flatwater
Helsby1x flatwater
Nicomekl1x flatwater
Fawcett1x flatwater
Whitecap1x flatwater LightWet launch
Wilkinson1x flatwaterHeavyLevel 2 rowers only
Smith – Med/Hvy1x flatwaterMed/HeavyLevel 2 rowers only
Pace1x flatwaterMed/LightLevel 2 rowers only
Arnold1x flatwaterLightLevel 2 rowers only
Yellow Maas1x openwaterWet launch
Locarno Maas1x openwaterWet launch
Locarno Maas1x LightweightLight
Poppy Too1x RowboatWet launch
Edon1x Pontoon BoatWet launch
Andrea Proske1x WavecutterPontoons available
Katie Clark1x WavecutterPontoons available
Boaty1x WavecutterPontoons available
Senakw1x WavecutterPontoons available
Simon Litherland1x WavecutterPontoons available
Heddle2x FlatwaterMedium
2x Liteboat2x Coastal
Intrepid2x FlatwaterHeavy
Pocock2x FlatwaterMed/Hvy
Paris4x Flatwater
Henry4x+ Flatwater
Creighton4+ Flatwater
Bella Bella4x+ Coastal
Purple Haze8+