How can I register for lessons? If you want to take part in our group Learn-to-row program, you can sign up directly through the RCA website. No need to get in touch with us first. See our Learn to Row page for more information.

How do I join as a member? We offer an opportunity for those who can row to come and try out a member row at the club, to see if we are the club for you. Contact us to arrange a trial row. Our fee structure is available on our membership page.

When are member practices? Member rows are scheduled for weekend mornings throughout the year, and for Monday and Wednesday evenings throughout the summer months. You can check out the schedule for more details.

Why is there an upfront cost to joining as a member? Due to the Vancouver climate, the majority of rowing takes place over the summer months at FCRC, and there are more opportunities to row, and increased costs associated with running the club over this period. In the past, we have accepted a flat monthly fee for membership, but this is not a financially sustainable model, as members would join for the summer months only. Our current model offers the chance to pay by installments, which we want to keep to reduce the barrier to entry, but allows us to charge more over the summer months, when the majority of the activities take place.

When are rowing lessons? Group lessons are offered on a first-come first-served basis over the summer months (May-August). We start to take bookings in April. If you want to sign up to be notified when group lessons become available for the coming summer, please contact us. We do offer individual lessons, although this is dependent on our current capacity. More information is available on our Learn to Row page.

What kind of boats do you row? We are primarily a sculling club. Members often row singles, but we also row doubles and quads, and are in the process of expanding our equipment to update some of our older boats. Historically the majority of our boats have been racing shells, but we have expanded to also include and ocean double, and Wavecutters, which are singles designed to be stable enough to go out when there is some wind.

I’ve rowed five years ago and want to come back to rowing. What do you think is appropriate for me (private lessons or group lessons or membership)? Our group lessons are designed for those that have never rowed before, so as someone with prior experience we would recommend private lessons or membership. We do not usually sweep at FCRC, so if you haven’t sculled before, we would recommend private lessons. If you know how to scull, then we recommend member rows. We have a range of stable boats that are ideal for those that want to brush up on their skills, and our coaches are always around during members rows to help and keep everyone safe.

I haven’t rowed a single before but have rowed quads and (or) doubles. What do you recommend joining? As long as you know how to scull, you can come and join our member rows. We have some very stable singles that are ideal for those transitioning to smaller boats, and we do have doubles and quads available. During the joining process you will be put in touch with a coach for a club orientation where they can make sure you are in a boat that matches your comfort level.

What happens after I graduate Learn-to-Row? Once you have completed this course, you are qualified to join member rows. The last two sessions you take during the course will be member rows, and so you will be familiar with how the club works. If you decide to join, coaches will keep track of new members and make sure that you are comfortable during your first few rows, and are in a boat that suits your skill level. You can see the membership page for information on our fee structure.