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Welcome to the False Creek Rowing Club!
We are a member club in good standing of Rowing BC and Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) rowing on Vancouver BC's False Creek.

False Creek Rowing Club (FCRC) is a volunteer-run recreational rowing club located in Vanier Park on False Creek, right in beautiful downtown Vancouver. False Creek allows for up to 6 kilometres of rowing (one way!) and is easily accessible for anyone living near or around Vancouver. We offer lessons for beginners in the Spring and Summer, and year-round rowing for our members. Visitors are welcome! If you are an experienced rower and want to drop in for a row, please contact us at president@falsecreekrowingclub.ca  and we can set you up with our Saturday morning member rowing session! FCRC is a small club that works hard to provide a warm, welcoming and safe environment for folks to come row and create community. In fact, our code of conduct reads as follows: 

Be Safe

Be Welcoming

Be Respectful


Join the False Creek Rowing Club

FCRC offers social and active memberships. Funding from both will be used to maintain our lease and increase the amount of equipment available to the active membership to use. Fees do not cover the cost of regatta attendance, uniforms or some safety equipment.

As part of the membership sign up process, you will have to agree to the code of conduct and the waiver/acknowledgement of risk documents when you complete your application. All sales are final: there are no refunds and please note that we have expectations that all participants and members know how to swim.


We are proud to support our national and provincial associations: all active and social members must purchase Sport membership in Rowing BC and Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA). This is currently $25 and is non-refundable. All social and active members must renew their membership in Rowing BC and RCA prior to April 1 each year.

  • Active memberships are $460 per year and expire on the following March 31st. Rowing BC and RCA membership fees are in addition to this amount.
  • Alternatively, Active members can pay a $43/month recurring fee charged to a credit card via PayPal. In your first year, those paying by recurring payments must also purchase a Rowing BC and RCA membership but in future years that renewal will be paid by FCRC.
  • Social memberships are $50 per year, plus RCA and Rowing BC dues. They do not include use of the club's rowing equipment. Owners of private boats and club supporters are eligible for this category of membership as are RCA licensed Umpires. Private boat owners must renew by April 1st. Please note that private boat storage fees ($500/year for a single) are in addition to this fee.
  • Upgrades to Competitive Memberships in RCA and Rowing BC are necessary for those rowing in Junior A & B, Senior A & B, Masters A through J categories at events sanctioned by RCA. The upgrade is presently $45 for existing members of RCA.
  • Life memberships are available but are not sold via the RCA membership system. They are based on 25 times the price of the maximum active membership fee. Contact president@falsecreekrowingclub.ca for details. 

​This button is for purchasing the following types of membership through the Rowing Canada Aviron membership registration system:

  1. Annual Membership paid all at once (must be renewed prior to April 1) $460 + RCA Rowing BC membership
  2. Social membership $50 + RCA & Rowing BC membership
  3. upgrading RCA and Rowing BC membership from Sport to Competitive Membership

This button can also be used to pay for boat storage fees and FCRC's rowing lessons.

Please note: if you have purchased a membership from RCA in the last few years, you may already have an account on this system. If you do, please use the associated password. If you do not recall the password, please use the password reset function before continuing. If you think you have an acount on the system, you can try the forgot username function to recover it.

Active Membership via Recurring payment ($43 per month)

Please note that recurring FCRC membership payment (processed by PayPal) should be made after purchasing your Rowing BC and RCA membership.



To receive the most updated news from False Creek Rowing Club, sign up for our newsletter (a CASL compliant list)

Our Newsletter Archive is here and on our About page.  We would also recommend that anyone interested in the rowing scene in British Columbia from regattas throughout the province to development of athletes, officials and coaches please take the time to sign up for the Rowing BC newsletter here: http://rowingbc.ca/stay-connected/



eTapestry Link to NSTF donation pages

The National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) is a philanthropic gift-giving program established through the Canadian Council of Provincial and Territorial Sport Federations (CCPTSF) for the development of amateur sport on a national level. The CCPTSF (or as it is sometimes referred to the National Sport Trust Fund) is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA) with the Canada Revenue Agency (#88938 6868 RR0001).

The False Creek Rowing Club, through an agreement with the NSTF, is able to provide charitable tax receipts for donations for your contributions to our project. Please use this link (connects to www.sportbc.com) for more details. Paper forms are available here for our project  http://sportbc.com/services/national-sport-trust-fund/donors/. To round out our fleet we are looking for a lightweight single, a lightweight double and an inflatable that can carry 8 people. Many thanks for any references you may have for us. 

Weather & Tide Links:

August 2015 - Rowing Lessons

Noise on False Creek?

As part of a program to mitigate noise for the residents of False Creek, particularly early in the morning: the False Creek Rowing Club does not use powered megaphones. We also use four stroke engines (as small as we can safely get away with) and boats that put up the least amount of wake possible. We understand that mornings are special times and we want to keep it that way. 


Our uniform...

available from RowWest.com in singlet and uni styles. Add black shorts for the official look.


Funding support provided by the Government of British Columbia!