Membership is available to those who know how to row. During the summer months, when we have the light, we offer four member rows a week. In winter, we offer member rows on weekend mornings. Those who know the waterway well, and have demonstrated themselves as capable rowers, are free to arrange independent rows to row outside of coached rows.

We have a range of equipment that members have access to. Ranging from racing singles, to more stable boats that can withstand a few ocean waves. As a club, we almost exclusively scull.

We are a small and growing club and, with the exception of our coaches, are a volunteer run organization. Joining False Creek means joining an active and engaged group of people who are enthusiastic about creating a welcoming, diverse, and safe community. We organize informal social events, and hold regular maintenance sessions over the summer where members get a chance to learn more about maintaining equipment, and help with regular compound maintenance.

If you are interested in joining, contact us for more information. We offer 2 free member rows to try us out if you are an experienced rower that is up to date on Rowing Canada/Rowing BC fees.

Our fee structure

Option 1: One annual payment of $800 (plus RCA and Rowing BC fees). This is cost effective for members who join in April, at the start of our membership year.

Option 2: Pay by installments. This is the better option for those who join later in the year, or who want to spread out the cost of payment over several months. The total annual cost depends on the month you join. You can cancel membership anytime.

For the first month, the cost will be $350 + $15 Rowing BC Membership Fee + $25 Rowing Canada Aviron Membership Fee.

For each following month, up to and including October, a payment of $100 will be due on the 1st of each month.

For those that join in April, the first months cost will be reduced by $100.

If you pay through to October, your annual fee will be complete and you will be a member until April 2023.

If you join after October, there will be a flat cost for membership through winter.

The total annual fee:

  • $890 if purchased in April or May
  • $790 if purchased in June
  • $690 if purchased in July
  • $590 if purchased in August
  • $490 if purchased in September
  • $390 if purchased in October
  • $290 if purchased in November, December, January, February or March